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About us

Shandong zhongju electrical applianco co., Itd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the re- search and development, design, production, promotion and sales of agricultural and forestry machinery, water purification machinery. cleaning machinery, micro-motor. water pump and accessories. The company has a sound product research and development technology center and industry advanced product experiment center, passed the i so 9001 - 2016 quality management system certification.


The company has more than 300 emplayees,all kinds of professional technical porsonnel more than 60, is the water pump and agricultural machinery and other national standards drafting units. The company has 56 sets of molding processing equipment. 76 sets of micro-dc motor production equipment, 20 assembly lines, with an annual production capacity of 10 million dc motor,diaphragm pump, market share of more than 60%.


The company takes the market demand as the guidance, takes the customer satisfaction as the standard. provides the remarkable product for the customer. At present, the main products of the company arc: "MUDEBI", "Xingtai", "Luboshi" and "Rain & Dcw" diaphragm pumps produced by the agricultural and forestry science and technology section are in the international leading level of qual-ity, and are mainly exported to Europe,America,Japan and other countries. with the domestic market share topping the list.


Looking forward to the future, the company will be "more professional, more focused, more har-monious"corporate culture and development concept and customers at home and abroad together with steady growth, strive to achieve the company's development vision, gradually build the enter-prise into a more creative and influential innovative enterprise.